Currently Teaching:

Undergraduate / Graduate Courses

  • CS 305 Computer Architecture + CS 341 Lab (UG core course, Co-taught with Dr. Sharad Sinha)

    • Taught in Autumn 2019

Industry Courses

  • Conducted a short-term, certification course on Discrete-Event Systems - Modeling and Simulation for industry professionals.
    Topics included:

    • Fundamentals of modeling and simulation

    • How Discrete-Event simulation works

    • Overview of simulation approaches and tools

    • Hands-on introduction to Python's SimPy simulation library with examples

    • Input Modeling and Random Variate Generation

    • Simulation-based performance estimation

    • Simulation-based Optimization

    • End-to-end examples in Inventory, Pricing etc

Graduate Teaching Assistant at IIT Bombay

  • For the following courses:

    • VLSI Design (autumn 2012 , 2011)

    • System Design (spring 2010, 2011, 2012)

    • Testing and Verification of VLSI systems (autumn 2010)

    • Electronic Design Lab (spring 2008)

    • Microprocessor Lab (autumn 2008, 2009)


PhD students

  • Lekshmi P (2020-ongoing)

  • Tushar Lone (2020-ongoing)

B.Tech students advised

  • Rahul Baviskar (Application for seabed scan visualization)

Summer Projects and Internships

  • Anish Natekar and Akhil Kushe Multi-core parallel Performance Evaluation of the Sitar framework (Funded by NSM)

  • Kartikey Sharma, Surya Shukla, Aditya Koshti, Harshvardhan, Krishnaveni U Mobile App for Stray Welfare (Funded by Seimens CSR)

  • Adwait Agashe, Aditya Jain, Sanjay Mareddi, Rishabh Tripathi Reinforcement Learning agent for playing board games (IIT Goa Summer Internship)

  • Pranav Balijapelly, Venkata K, Noel P, Tanuja Naga Web Portal for Student Networking (IIT Goa Summer Internship)