Past Employments

  • Research Associate, Ajit processor development team, IIT Bombay.
    Ajit is a 32-bit SPARC V8-based processor developed at IIT Bombay. (IITB press article, Interview )
    My main contribution was to port the Linux kernel to the Ajit platform.

Awards / Grants

  • Best Paper Award at SIMULTECH 2022 Conference in Lisbon, Portugal (2022)

  • Goa Scholars Scheme award: A scholarship of INR 4 Lakh awarded by Govt. of Goa for post-graduate studies (2008).

  • University Gold medal in B.E. Electronics and Telecommunications stream, Goa University (2007)

  • Travel grant from EurAI for attending the ACAI Summer School on Reinforcement Learning in Belgium (2017)

Professional Service and Memberships