Talks and Workshops

  • Open simulation frameworks for building scalable digital twins
    Workshop on Digital Twins at ACM ISEC 2024 Conference, 22 Feb 2024

  • Simulation for IoT, Digital Twins and Industry 4.0
    Workshop session at Goa Institute of Management, 3-4 October 2023

  • Simulation and Analytics for Industry 4.0
    Workshop session on Advanced Manufacturing for DRDO, NIAS at IISc Bangalore, 10th August 2023

  • Open-source Powered Simulation as an enabler for AI in Retail
    Invited workshop at the Target MultiplAI 2023 Industry conference, Bengaluru, 7th June 2023

  • Open Libraries for Creating Simulation-based Digital Twins
    Talk hosted by the Robert Bosch Center of Cyber-Physical Systems (RBCCPS), IISc Bangalore, 23 Feb 2023

  • Introduction to Discrete-Event Simulation
    Tutorial organized via ACM Goa Professional Chapter, November 2021 (link to poster)

  • Review of architectural features for supporting program execution
    One-day session in ACM India Online Summer School on Program Execution, June 2021 (link)

  • Simulation Tools for the Internet of Things
    Session in ATAL FDP on Internet-of-Things Architecture and System Design at IIT Goa, Nov 2020 (link)

  • IoT-enabled Maritime Applications
    Short talk as part of the CEFIPRA-Goa-Atlantic workshop at Brest, France. Jan 2020

  • SimPy for Discrete-event Simulations
    Invited talk at Debutsav (a conference on FOSS by the Debian community) Sept 2019